SOFA for Operating Room

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Fundings ADT SOFA-OR

Objective SOFA in the operating room

Date 01.10.2014 — now

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Project Description

In December 2014, a new ADT national initiative started. The objective of this ADT is twofold:

Firstly, we aim at achieving a level of quality and robustness compatible with IEC 62304 for the core of SOFA and a reduced set of components. This does not include the certification of the code itself, but rather the implementation of a comprehensive development process that will enable the certification by companies wishing to integrate this code into their systems.

Secondly, the objective is to add new features specific to the needs of using intraoperative: interoperability with equipment from the operating room, acquisition and real-time processing of full HD video streams, data assimilation and predictive filters, path planning, visualization for augmented reality, or user interfaces dedicated to the operating room.


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