Augmented Reality for Liver Surgery

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Fundings Inria and ALTRAN

Objective Visualization of internal structures of organs during surgical operations

Date 01.2012 — now





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Despite the improvements of surgical techniques and tools, some surgical interventions remain very challenging for surgeons. Especially for abdominal minimally invasive surgery where haptic and visual feedback are limited. Indeed, during such surgeries only a partial view of the organ’s surface is seen through an endoscopic camera and organ manipulations are performed via endoscopic tools. Moreover, due to the pneumoperitoneum the abdominal organs are strongly deformed. Still, the surgeons need to know where the internal structures such as tumors or vessels are located. Therefore, they have to mentally register the preoperative images of the organs onto the endoscopic view to locate these structures.

Our contribution is to provide surgeons with an enhanced visualization of organ’s internal structures during the surgery.


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