Meet us in JAO!

In collaboration with the ophthalmologist Pr. Gauchet, we are participating at JAO (Journée Alsacienne d’Ophtalmologie). Rémi and Stéphane present our prototype simulator for retinal surgery....
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Mimesis in the RII 2015

The Mimesis team presented the SOFA framework and our current work during the “Rencontre Inria Industrie” 2015 in Bordeaux. Many nice discussions and feedback about...
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MICCAI paper accepted

One paper written by Christoph Paulus has been accepted at MICCAI 2015. This paper merges two research topics: augmented reality and topological changes! With this...
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IHU day in Strasbourg

On Wednesday June 3rd, the IHU day took place in Strasbourg. The topic of this workshop was “Modeling, Simulation, Registration and Augmented Reality in Surgery”....
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DynaMesh project accepted

A new project named “DynaMesh” has recently been accepted. This project focuses on the dynamic topologies in SOFA. With two-year fundings, “DynaMesh” will run from...
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